I have recently lost my husband to suicide I'm not asking for a hand out but rather a helping hand to lift me up, my spirit is broken and I have 4 children looking to me for support ,and right now my mind is in a haze trying to make sense of everything. So what I'm asking for is knowledge on how to cope and maintain life for those who look up to me,if you could find it in your heart to pray for...
Audio Engineering & Music Production course using state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge technology using Pro Tools HDX. The six month training course provides training in every aspect of recording, audio technology and music production. Just like our music lessons the training is a private one on one setting and provides hands on training for the student 100% of the time. Six Month Course...
Special back-to-school discounts for recording including CD's with print(custom artwork).For more info call: Bakersfield Music & Recording Studios 661-325-3300www.Bakersfieldmusic.com. Ad number: #366033858 Contact: Reggie Langendoerfer City: Bakersfield Zip: 93301
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